Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes you bleed the darkness
Until the water runs clear
Sometimes you float on a river
Til the clouds disappear
Then you sink to the bottom
Dragging along silently
The water takes you, makes you
Live vividly, fluently....softly***


Wisdom discarded by oblivious pollution
Love thwarted by temptation of a Red #6 colored cherry on top.
Anger that knows no boundaries
Desperation that wants a particular ear to listen.
Whispers locked within a 70's veneered box
Waiting, watching, clenching fists
Smashing energies against..against...
Pin the tail on your arrogance
This party isn't for you
It's meant for thought.
Your ire is not so unique that it can't be store-bought.
Or some generic rendition thereof.
The closest ones pay dearly
For not fitting in a celestial
Serial Box***


The sadness seeps in behind sanguine smile
Questions painting over root-shaped cracks.
Fear pulling off patterned plaster
Revealing the same walls I built so long ago
Nothing but a glorified imprisonment for pain, for shame, for guilt.
I don't want THIS
I want to be floating
On pacific waters
Watching derailments from far aback
Laughing, loving, singing
An open heart.


Smashing all of the coveted trinkets held within one's emotional attic
Out of anger, fear, realizing they hold no effective comfort and it's time to let go.
There's nothing to be done but let a heart be broken, to let it open
Sitting empty on the bottom stair.
Peering into the universe, unequivocally relinquished.***

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