Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whaaa Happoned?

Wanna know the real reason girls wear bright red lipstick? So boys will stay the fuck away from our faces, and only admire from afar. I plan on wearing a lot mind you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Are you jaded? Well you should be. It's not rocket science like my dear wannabe friend Dr. Laura states.Didn't your daddy ever tell you? Men are simplistic pigs. This is nothing new to hear. And if you don't believe me, just introduce Bro #1 to grain alcohol #2 and see what sort of genius is born from the depths of the universe. No it doesn't matter how beautiful, talented, or deep you are... They could really care less. It might be intriguing at first but only because it might present some sort of challenge. I pray to God I never have a daughter.. my dear parents , it's no wonder they aren't in straight jackets, it's one thing to have a daughter let alone one that might be relatively good looking. Anyways, my point is, men, all they want to do is sperminate the universe in as many different and creative ways as they can drum up. So if you always keep this in the back of your mind perhaps things will be easier for you my dears. Does this mean you have to hate men? No. For instance Santa Claus can bring me a 6 foot 2 ripped but not too ripped fire man any day. I am just saying lets not fool ourselves, this is not Days of Our Lives, and the motivations behind most things are purely simple in nature. I also hope you enjoy my illustrative yet not well embedded slide show Rock out with your cock out. Thank you and good day. And further more if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it BIOTCH!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Mississippi

So tomorrow is my last day of work,unfortunately, which means one less pay check than I was hoping for. However, I am sick & tired of ghetto ass shit heads being dis-respectful and shitty. Yes I know I work retail, and for the most part, I actually enjoy helping people but more often than not,especially around here people seem to be some hardcore motherfuckers. Oh well what doesn't kill us sure gives us a nice excuse to bitch about something.

I tried watching Pineapple Express last night. HOLY SHITFLICK... Even stoned, this stoner movie sucks 100% scrotum!

Drug myself out o bed early today to catch the morning fog for my jog, that paired with some four tet and brand new makes for a nice Sara Buck allowed-only island. It's a pretty great island if I do say so myself, but you'll never get to go there, so sucks to be you:)

13 days and counting

Monday, January 5, 2009

So I was...

watching vh1 premiere of rock of love 3 on the road last night. and as much as anyone is entertained by drunken sloppy bitches fighting, i found myself actually physically cringing and covering my head with the blanket. i almost cried from fear knowing that there's so much drunken bleach blond fury in the world. this show took it to the next level man. hilarious, yes, disturbing, more so. should you watch it? maybe,... but i think i'm boycotting television for the time being. these girls are mean and dumb as fuck. they should be downright ashamed of themselves. and i just burnt my toast bitching about them.... lord, keep me away from a world such as that.

the end.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spent all day with Sarah Dope and Miss E nerding out on laptops. Updating new DeviantArt account under the name, yes you guessed it.. BunnyBandita... Much to remember as I have not been on this thing since 1982. Got to start posting full res pics for print purposes.... Slowly planning out my move to Denver and spying on neighborhood gay boys, wanting to compare dogs and scarf collections. The End.

Thursday, January 1, 2009