Monday, January 5, 2009

So I was...

watching vh1 premiere of rock of love 3 on the road last night. and as much as anyone is entertained by drunken sloppy bitches fighting, i found myself actually physically cringing and covering my head with the blanket. i almost cried from fear knowing that there's so much drunken bleach blond fury in the world. this show took it to the next level man. hilarious, yes, disturbing, more so. should you watch it? maybe,... but i think i'm boycotting television for the time being. these girls are mean and dumb as fuck. they should be downright ashamed of themselves. and i just burnt my toast bitching about them.... lord, keep me away from a world such as that.

the end.

1 comment:

  1. A singing Ex-Pornstar and a Genital Herpes Poet.. You can’t make things like that up, can you? I didn’t find any of the girls attractive. Maybe Stephanie - but only without her huge boobs. No eye candy whatsoever. It’s like a combined Trailer Trash Diva / Pre Op Trannie convention. Very disappointing. Oh, Steph got clipped at the end. She should thank god for that.