Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Mississippi

So tomorrow is my last day of work,unfortunately, which means one less pay check than I was hoping for. However, I am sick & tired of ghetto ass shit heads being dis-respectful and shitty. Yes I know I work retail, and for the most part, I actually enjoy helping people but more often than not,especially around here people seem to be some hardcore motherfuckers. Oh well what doesn't kill us sure gives us a nice excuse to bitch about something.

I tried watching Pineapple Express last night. HOLY SHITFLICK... Even stoned, this stoner movie sucks 100% scrotum!

Drug myself out o bed early today to catch the morning fog for my jog, that paired with some four tet and brand new makes for a nice Sara Buck allowed-only island. It's a pretty great island if I do say so myself, but you'll never get to go there, so sucks to be you:)

13 days and counting

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